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Workers’ Compensation Law

Workers’ compensation law can be complicated, which is why it makes sense to have an experienced attorney from Rardon and Associates to help you navigate the complex workers’ compensation system. Laws change frequently, as do the legal approaches necessary to help you get what you deserve. Our firm stays on top of changes in workers’ compensation law and adapts accordingly.

An estimated 100,000 Floridians annually are injured on the job and apply for workers’ compensation benefits. Under the law, those persons are entitled to receive lost wages and medical care and sometimes rehabilitative expenses.  Insurance companies however deny more and more of these claims. Often the insurance company claims the injured individual did not comply with safety regulations, drug free workplace, or that the injury is not related the workplace or a number of other defenses. We can review your case and determine if they are wrong. In many cases they are.

For one reason or another, you get caught in a complicated and costly bureaucracy. Florida, like many states, has struggled with its workers’ compensation program, trying to balance the interests of injured workers, employers, and insurers, all while containing costs.

If you have any questions concerning workers’ compensation, particularly if you are an injured employee whose employer has refused to pay benefits, please contact us immediately.

There are also times you may make a claim outside of the workers compensation system where someone else’s negligence caused your injury. We have been innovated in getting workers compensation claims outside the system to get the full measure of recovery for victims.