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Personal Injury: Tampa Trial Attorney

Get the support you need to overcome physical, mental or financial harm caused by  serious or catastrophic injuries, as a result of motor vehicle accidents, defective products, slip and falls and general negligence.  Rardon and Associates uses 60 years of combined experience to help you handle your personal injury case.

What is a personal injury?
Personal injuries, as the name implies, are injuries to an individual. In contrast, crimes are wrongful acts against society. The government punishes those who commit crimes—criminals—with criminal penalties. For personal injuries, the government does not punish the wrongdoer, but rather gives the victim the right to pursue a private claim or civil lawsuit against the wrongdoer. Some wrongful acts can leave the wrongdoer vulnerable both to criminal penalties imposed by the government and civil remedies sought by an injured party.

Most personal injury lawsuits are decided using theories on the premise that when someone does something that harms another person physically, mentally, or financially, the person who suffers ought to be compensated for the loss, and the person who caused the loss through their negligence, should pay.

A remedy is provided in most cases where a person fails to use “reasonable care” in some activity such as driving their auto or maintaining a safe place of business and the result is injury to another.